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Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

Growing to make a positive impact on the health of people by supplying the highest quality elder flower and berry ingredients using environmentally and socially sustainable practices.

[Click here to read a journal article comparing European Sambucus nigra and native North American Sambucus nigra canadensis.]

No Certified Organic Elderberries for sale at this time.

No sustainably grown Elderberries for sale at this time.

We still have bulk frozen raw native elderberry juice.

To place a modest deposit to reserve 2019 harvest certified organic elderberries in any form, please contact Chris Patton directly, first by email then phone: or 612-418-4624. Any deposit is refundable by MEC only for the reason of harvest shortage due to any of the natural risks of farming.

Ingredients when Available - more on how to buy

  • Bulk fresh elderberries - seasonal: must pre-order with deposit
  • Fresh elderflowers - seasonal: must pre-order with deposit
  • Bulk frozen elderberries on-stem - seasonal: must pre-order
  • Bulk frozen elderberries destemmed, sanitized in 4 gal. pails [25 lb. each] - limited quantities
  • Frozen raw elderberry juice - available
  • Dried elderberries - sales on hold
  • Dried elderflowers - sold out 

Ingredients under Development

  • Elderberry puree
  • Freeze dried elderberies
  • Elderflower syrup - samples available

Some Retail Ways to Enjoy our Ingredients

For a partial list of the many independent local food coops and natural products stores carrying the River Hills Harvest brand of elderberry products click here.  


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