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Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

Growing to make a positive impact on the health of people by supplying the highest quality elder flower and berry ingredients using environmentally and socially sustainable practices.

[Click here to read a journal article comparing European Sambucus nigra and native North American Sambucus nigra canadensis.]

No Certified Organic Elderberries for sale at this time.

We are currently have abundant inventory of sustainably grown, native frozen and dried elderberries, picked, destemmed, sanitized and frozen the same day. We process these berries into our other ingredients. We have limited supplies of sustainably grow, dried elderflowers. 

At this time we do not have any dried and very limited quantities of native 2018 harvest bulk frozen certified organic elderberries. We only dry our native certified organic elderberries when we have excess inventory or when the order is reserved in advance by  contract. 

To place a modest deposit to reserve certified organic elderberries in any form, please contact Chris Patton directly, first by email then phone: or 612-418-4624. Any deposit is refundable by MEC only for the reason of harvest shortage due to any of the natural risks of farming.

Ingredients for Sale - more on how to buy

  • Bulk fresh elderberries - must pre-order with deposit
  • Fresh elderflowers - must pre-order with deposit
  • Bulk frozen elderberries on-stem - must pre-order
  • Bulk frozen elderberries destemmed, sanitized in 4 gal. pails [25 lb. each]
  • Frozen raw elderberry juice
  • Dried elderberries
  • Dried elderflowers

Ingredients under Development

  • Elderberry puree
  • Elderberry concentrate
  • Elderflower syrup

Some Retail Ways to Enjoy our Ingredients

For a partial list of the many independent local food coops and natural products stores carrying the River Hills Harvest brand of elderberry products click here.  


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