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Destemming North American Elderberries from their cymes

Buying Wholesale Elder Berry / Flower Ingredient Products

Midwest Elderberry Cooperative packs its inventory of frozen, destemmed and sanitized North American wild/native elderberries in 4 gallon food grade plastic pails holding 25 lb. We also seek out professional food and beverage processors/manufacturers to partner of specific elderberry and elderflower ingredient specification development. We currently have projects going for dried elderberries and elderflowers, elderberry puree, bulk elderberry juice, and dried elderberry powder. We are testing a concentrated elderflower syrup of about 65 BRIX. 

Bulk Frozen Elderberries

Our various elderberry cultivars are all natural selections from the wild and usually planted in fields or along agroforestry/permaculture land management principles. They are picked, destemmed, sanitized and frozen fresh the same day in 25 lb. four gallon food grade pails (rated 28 lb.). We have tens of thousands of pounds available and able to secure a couple hundred thousand pounds with proper planning. 

Fresh and raw frozen berries need to be fermented or heated so that the entire volume reaches 180 degrees F, or more, to neutralize the glycosides (proto-cyanides) that can cause pain or sickness in the digestive system. Different folks have different tolerances, but all are affected. 

Picrate Paper Reaction - like a pH test strip - is red-brown, but not extremely sensitive, but quick and easy to determine if any glycoside/proto-cyanide is present. The U of MO is testing each of the parts for cyanide using a more accurate and sensitive testing method vs. Picrate paper.

Classic Provisions  distributes MEC’s wholesale  ingredients in MN, including our 25 lb. four gallon food grade pails of destemmed, sanitized and frozen raw elderberries. They will ship to anywhere in the USA. 
Phone: 763-544-2025.
Address: 171 Cheshire Lane North, Suite 600, Minneapolis, MN 55441-5439

For annual orders of 1000 lb. or less of bulk frozen berries, please contact Classic Provisions or your regional distributor. The bulk berries are priced based on volume and availability. Each 4 gallon food grade pail holds 25 lb. Classic Provisions is open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Mostly they sell wholesale to stores and food/beverage processors, but consumers wishing to buy at least one full bucket of frozen berries may pick it up at their warehouse with prior arrangement. 

For annual orders of more than 1000 lb. of bulk frozen berries, please contact Chris Patton directly, first by email then by phone: or  612-418-4624.


Destemmed elderberries

Dried Elderberries

Bulk (300+ lb.) MEC Direct Prices to Manufacturers

  • $18.50/lb. certified organic
  • $15/lb. sustainably grown

MEC Prices - Consumer Buyer Direct / Online

  • $21.50/lb. certified organic, $8/4 oz.
  • $18/lb. sustainably grown, $7/4 oz.

Dried Elderflowers 5-2016

Sample of MEC’s Dried Elderflowers

Elderflowers & Elderflower Ingredients

Fresh or frozen and dried  elderflowers must be ordered in advance of July. Fresh flowers are usually priced at $15-20/lb. If you want to help with the harvest and transport, the price is discounted accordingly. The logistics are challenging, and the window of opportunity is limited. See comments below the dried elderflower picture above.

Bulk (5+ lb.) MEC Direct Prices to Manufacturers / Retailers

  • $30/lb. certified organic  (est. retail to consumer of $12.50/ 4 oz.)
  • $28/lb. sustainably grown

MEC Prices - Buyer Direct / Online

  • $34/lb. org. / $31/lb. sustainably grown: 1-5 pounds
  • $10.00 for 4 oz. org. /  $9.00 for 4 oz. sustainably grown

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