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Bulk Frozen Raw Elderberry Juice

Frozen Raw Native Elderberry Juice - $45/gal.

Perfect for elderberry jelly and gummies / home winemaking or brewing.

Our sustainably grown bulk, strained raw elderberry juice separates from thawing elderberries before drying them. We have some in 1 gallon jugs, but most of it comes 2 gal/jug. Each gallon weighs 8.55 lb., on average measured a pH 4.3 BRIX 11. Each jug weighs 18 lb. total. 

5 lb. dried elderberries (5 x $18>$90 = 2 gal. of raw juice (2x$45>$90)

Volume Pricing (Freight charges additional):

  • $45/gal. up to 19 gallons
  • $44/gal. 20 to 49 gallons
  • $43/gal. 50 to 99 gallons
  • $42/gal. 100 gallons+

To order more than 1 gallon, please contact Chris Patton by email first:, or call 612-418-4624 (9am-5pm Central Time during the workweek please) with questions. You will be quoted with freight and billed in advance of shipping.

Sacred Blossom Elderberry Syrup Recipe from Juice:

1 Gallon Raw Elderberry Juice, 4 cups honey, 2 cups extra strong echinacea tea (optional).

Bring 2 1/2 cups of water to boil and add 1 cup of echinacea herbs.  Cover and cook on low for 8 to 24 hours.  Strain. (Optional: Use distilled water.)

Boil honey hard for 2 minutes, then add raw elderberry juice and bring it to 180°F.  Remove from heat. Add echinacea tea and honey.  Stir well. 

To preserve reheat to nearly a boil (165-175°F), then seal in jars. Set in a cold area if possible.

Are Raw Native Elderberries Safe? (Applies to Juice, too.)

Latest research by the University of Missouri discovered that ripe native elderberries do not have any meaningful level of glycosides or proto-cyanides that can make one sick. 

This is not true for European Sambucus nigra elderberries, which is why those imported ingredients are usually more processed. That is part of the reason why native elderberries taste better.

While the latest research at the university of Missouri (soon to be published) indicates that fresh/frozen, ripe elderberries do not have significant levels of glycosides, some few people seem to be strongly affected by consuming raw elderberries or elderberry juice, where it upsets their digestive system. Why they have a lower tolerance for elderberry is not clearly understood. Fresh and raw frozen berries that are fermented or heated so that the entire volume reaches 180° F, or more have not been associated with any health related incidents to our knowledge

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