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Elderberry America

A growing network of allied elderberry growers in one cooperative. That is our goal. It is a concept, a possible goal or dream, and not any kind of official name. Here you will find contact information by state for those interested in learning about or participating in the development of elderberry grower cooperatives. By its nature and history, elderberry provides a variety of solutions to environmental and human health problems as well as a collage of opportunities open to individual initiative and cooperative success from a farmer’s field to a person’s pantry. 

Elderberry growers in several different states have begun the process of cooperating with each other based primarily on pragmatic proximity. The principles at work are freely given participation and proportional, self determined commitment and responsibility with a purpose for mutual benefit administered by broadly shared governance. Each farmer is responsible for his own farm production and may become an Associate Member of the Midwest Elderberry Cooperative. 

With probably about 1,000 acres currently devoted to commercial elderflower and elderberry production in North America, we work towards a projected initial goal of 22,500 acres of sustainably producing and profitable elderberry. Organic Certification is encouraged for all elderberry and elderflower growers who plan to sell into larger markets. “Certified Organic” is often required to meet the ingredient specifications commonly desired by national or global buyers.

Here is a list of elderberry grower contact persons volunteering to help coordinate local network development by state: 

Indiana Contact: Chris Sullivan,

Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Contact - Chris Patton, Natural Kick Farms, first by email then by phone: or  612-418-4624.

Missouri Contact - Sherrie Hagenhoff, Sac River Valley,

Texas Contact - Jason & Dani Morris, Floating O Farms LLC.,, 903-366-9534.


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