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Midwest Elderberry Cooperative 

Download a Membership Application
Membership Agreement
Cooperative By-Laws

[For questions about membership, or to become a member, please send an email to Chris Patton at

To become a member, simply download the Membership Application and Membership Agreement, fill them out, sign and mail as directed on the forms.

Membership Overview in Brief

  • Requires a one-time, $500/business entity purchase of Class A stock 
  • Or, pay an annual fee of $100/business entity for 5 years
  • Membership fee is 100% at risk (MEC board determines use of funds)
  • Open to any Midwest grower of elderberries.
  • Provides:
    • voting rights in cooperative governance
    • the right to sell a given quantity of elderberries to MEC at board-established price through ownership of Class C stock shares
    • access to MEC-owned harvest, marketing and production resources at board-established toll fee
    • free access to MEC educational events and resource materials
    • must begin purchasing Class C stock within 3 years of completing the purchase of Class A stock
  • Cooperative profits and losses are shared with grower members who own Class C shares in proportion to their share of the total issued Class C shares as determined annually by the Board of Directors.


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