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Fresh / Frozen Native Elderflowers

As of 8/14/19, we are sold out of dried elderflower from existing sources. MEC is filling existing commitments in whole or in part.

The whole crop - both flowers to berries, was delayed this year by about a month, so many growers did not harvest flowers, being anxious for more berries after 2018’s very low harvest across the Midwest. Also, MEC increased its dried elderflower purchase price to farmers by 25% to better compensate them for the labor and costs involved. Consequently, we needed to increase our scheduled prices see below for if and when we have more flowers available. Some native cultivars are indeterminate indwell produce another flower crop, so there is a chance some more dried flowers may come our way this fall. IF so, you will see it here.

We sell what we grow, and that is mostly harvested from native Sambucus (nigra) canadensis cultivars. Currently, only a few farmers plan on a flowers only crop from their elder plants. Typically, we harvest the lower part of the plant up to 36-48 inches from the ground. The lower flower cymes often do not provide as many berries per blossom, and the weight of the berries is likely to pull the cane to the ground, making them unsuitable to harvest. Picking the flowers provides some cashflow to farmers as partial compensation for good field maintenance, which is especially important when following organic agricultural methods.

Most of our growers sell both flowers and berries directly from their farm, so MEC buys any surplus from the grower and re-sells it. The potential flower harvest grows each year, nature permitting, as MEC adds members and acres cultivated. Our goal is to increase the number of cultivated elderberry acres 20x by 2025. 

We have a very limited capacity for fresh and a limited but planned-to-grow capacity for frozen native elderflower orders, and they must be placed in advance between March 1 and June 1 of each year for delivery during late June into July, when the flowers are in bloom. Fresh flowers are usually priced at $18-20/lb. plus delivery. 

Dried Native Elderflower & Elderflower Ingredients

Dried Elderflowers 5-2016

Sample of MEC’s Dried Native Elderflowers

Standard Bulk packed: 1 lb. per gallon food grade plastic bag. Consumer packed: 3 oz./sealed pouch. Very large pre-orders/contracts are packed by buyer specification and charged accordingly with freight. 

MEC Buyer Direct Prices / Online

  • Bags: $40/lb. org. / $37/lb. sustainably grown: 1-4 pounds
  • Pouches: $12.00 for 3 oz. org. /  $10.00 for 3 oz. sustainably grown

MEC Bulk Direct (5-19 lb.) Prices to Manufacturers / Retailers

  • $36/lb. certified organic  (est. retail to consumer of $4-6.00 / oz.)
  • $34/lb. sustainably grown

MEC Bulk Direct (20+ lb.) Prices to Manufacturers / Retailers

  • $35/lb. certified organic  (est. retail to consumer of $4-6.00 / oz.)
  • $33/lb. sustainably grown
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