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Inventory for Sale

No sustainably grown or Certified Organic Elderberries for sale at this time. We expect to open up for pre-orders with a deposit about mid July 2019. 

Through one of our members we have access to about 25, 000 lb. total of frozen black currants.  See the bottom of the Bulk Frozen Berries page.

We still have bulk frozen raw native elderberry juice that can be used to make elderberry syrup/gummies as well as in brewing/kombucha. Sustainably grown following organic principles. Click here for bulk frozen native elderberry juice.

Growing to make a positive impact on the health of people by supplying the highest quality native North American elder flower and berry ingredients using environmentally and socially sustainable practices.

Click here to place consumer online orders for available elder flower and berry products.

We only sell what we grow in the USA: 
native elder flowers and berries...

Because they taste better!
[Click here to read a journal article comparing European Sambucus nigra and native North American Sambucus nigra canadensis.]

The 2018 native elder flower and berry harvests were below normal, and the very limited remaining inventory is not available for sale. We have reserved a small amount of sustainable frozen berries for ingredient development trials only. We do not have any sustainable or certified organic elder berries or flowers to sell at this time until July 2019 flower harvest and September 2019 berry harvest. Beginning mid July 2019, we will post how to pre-order the 2019 harvest on the appropriate ingredient page from the drop down menu under Buying. MEC gives priority to coop member purchases first, then to existing customers with paid deposit. Our growers dry berries only when there is excess inventory over the demand for bulk frozen, destemmed & cleaned berries packed 25 lb. in 4 gal. food grade pails. 

Our 2025 goal is 2,500 acres of cultivated native elderberry - that’s 10,000,000+ lb. harvested and sold! MEC has about 100 growers in its network and is adding members from coast-to-coast. 

Come grow with us! 

Commercial scale cultivation of native elderberry presents a sustainable ray of environmental and social hope. As a catalyst crop for improved environmental practice and economic profits to farmers and rural communities. Perennial native elderberry supports over 60 native pollinators, holds soils in place, sequesters carbon and sucks up nitrogen. The tremendous potential health benefits of both fragrant flowers and sweet-neutral berries, as well as their popularity, provide profit opportunity to rural communities through its cultivation, decentralized handling and processing. 

As an organization, MEC puts its members' interests first. MEC’s cooperative structure accommodates a wide range of grower farm strategies. Some are small producers who only sell directly to their local markets. Others may focus on large scale elder flower and/or berry operations and share in the cooperative wide profits and losses hedging their financial risks over our collective economic success. [More under About.]

Ingredients when Available - more on the Buying pages

  • Bulk fresh elderberries - seasonal: must pre-order with deposit
  • Fresh elderflowers - seasonal: must pre-order with deposit
  • Bulk frozen elderberries on-stem - seasonal: must pre-order
  • Bulk frozen elderberries destemmed, sanitized in 4 gal. pails [25 lb. each] - limited quantities
  • Frozen raw elderberry juice - available
  • Dried elderberries - sales on hold
  • Dried elderflowers - May 2019: taking bulk order deposits from previous customers 
  • Bulk frozen, sustainably USA grown black currants - see bulk frozen berries page

Ingredients under Development

  • Elderberry puree
  • Freeze dried elderberies
  • Elderflower syrup - samples available

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